‘Rev. Mr. Kingsford (Presbyterian minister)’ name appears as a cabin passenger on board ‘Chaseley’ which arrived 1st May, 1849 from Downs 27th December, 1848. The ‘Chaseley was a ship of 515 tons (new measurement) 468 tons (old measurement) and was Captained by Capt. Charles Frederick Aldrich, Chief Officer Mr. Joseph Peck Reece. Rev. Thos Kingsford and Mrs. Kingsford and a Mr. Thomas Kingsford were part of a letter of appreciation to Captain Aldrich of Chaseley in Moreton Bay Courier 12th May, 1849

Extracts from Moreton Bay Courier

120 days from Downs when she cast anchor at Cowan Cowan “After arrival in port 7 seamen (Bartholomew Harrison, Peter Stewart, Neil Campbell, John Dunnot, George Guy, Wm. Robinson, and Anthony Dhont) refused to work and were arrested. At their trial, the chief officer proved that they had gone into the Raven, steamboat, as she lay alongside; and that on his ordering them to return, they positively refused to do so, but came up to Brisbane, The prisoner Guy said that he was in danger of his life on board, as Captain Aldrich had presented a pistol at him. The Captain explained that this was on the first occasion of the steamer going down, when the prisoner insisted upon coming up to Brisbane in her, and he (Captain Aldrich) presented an empty pistol, declaring that he would shoot him, if he attempted to leave the ship. He did this for the protection of the vessel.” The prisoners refused in a most determined manner to go back to their ship and the Magistrate sentenced them each to thirty days confinement and hard labour in Sydney gaol the costs, amounting to 4s.6d. to be deducted from their wages”. (Moreton Bay Courier 11th May 1849)

In pursuance of orders from the Office of Secretary of State no expense was permitted in removing immigrants from Chaseley to Brisbane, the immigrants paid this! The Raven brought the immigrants up to Brisbane. Opalia was chartered to bring up Mr. David McConnell’s goods. Mr. Kilner was an immigrant; Mr. Wm. Taylor was a passenger.

A report in Moreton Bay Courier, 11 May, 1849 states:-
“ [The immigrants] first impressions of their new home could scarcely be favourable, for it was raining heavily when they arrived, and the evening was just closing in. Notwithstanding these adverse circumstances, every arrangement possible was made for the accommodation of the immigrants. Several tents were pitched for the use of those who preferred such lodgings, and the remainder either went to the old barrack, or were received by the inhabitants, until more permanent arrangements were made. The following is a correct account of the passengers, viz:- male adults, 62; female adults, 50; children under fourteen years of age – males, 33; females, 53; infants born during the voyage, 7. Total, 214. Of the 112 adult persons, only a very few are of the class of labourers: many, indeed, have evidently been accustomed to a much Superior position in society. Ten labourers have been engaged for Mr. R.J. Smith’s Boiling-down establishment, and we have heard that the high wages (30 pounds per annum, with rations) given to those persons, have led others to expect the same; but those individuals are to be employed in a manner that entitles them to a much higher remuneration that is ordinary. Their occupation will chiefly be wool-washing, which makes it necessary for them to stand in a pool of water when at their work. We are informed that, at the utmost, there are not more than ten persons who are likely to engage for the bush” (Moreton Bay Courier, 11th and 19th May, 1849)

Shipping records for “Chasely” – departed Downs 27.12.1848 arrived Brisbane 01.05.1849

Thomas Kingsford Age 47 Share Broker
Elizabeth Kingsford Age 42
Thomas Kingsford Age 18
James Kingsford Age 12
Eliginer Kingsford Age 10 (Elvina)
Mary Ann Kingsford Age 8
Fanny Jane Kingsford Age 2

Their port of embarkation was Bristol, England.

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