William Lorne Stirling (19/3/1893-12/3/1952)
Married Jean Rolland Stirling (29/3/1900 - 17/1/1994) on 16/6/1920
William Lorne STIRLING (courtesy Rod)

Born March 19, 1893-----at “Gunbower”, PITTSWORTH. Served in 5th Light Horse in Egypt and Palestine with Uncle Bert Keene.
At end of war, he with Auntie Vi travelled to Scotland at their father’s suggestion, to visit distant relatives there---Grandpa’s sister had kept up contact with Stirlings there, and had given them addresses.
Dad met mum who was a Stirling (before being married!)

Janet Rolland STIRLING

Born at Alloa, SCOTLAND on March 29th 1900.
Came to Australia in 1919 in June 1920. They were married in St Stevens Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba on June 16th, 1920.
As she was not 21, Grandpa had to obtain special permission for her to get married from the local member.

Courtesy Rod Stirling:

William Lorne STIRLING (some Stirling men seemed to be named after places, like Kosciusko, and Omeo)---Lorne was certainly an important holiday spot for Victorian Stirlings even today.
Born in “Gunbower”  --( I think they all were born there.) March 19, 1893.

Had one year at Toowoomba Grammar School in 1907---13 at beginning of year, but turned 14 on March, 19---that would have been first year of secondary school.
Was in partnership with Ross’s father Tom, growing crops, fat lambs, and he seemed to be in charge of the steam engine that powered the shearing shed---had to get a special licence.
In those days, they washed most sheep in a wash-pool build in the river, to make wool better quality---not the best job!!
Joined the A.I.F in 1916 in the 5th, Light Horse with (Uncle) Bert Keene----they served in Egypt and the Palestine areas.
His sister Violet joined the Nursing service about the same time and went to the Middle East.
Their father said to them before leaving, that :
If they survived the war, they should go and visit Stirling relatives in Scotland, that Grandpa’s Victorian sister’s wrote to from time to time---they both did survive, and travelled together in 1919 (by train—I presume) to where the Stirlings lived outside Edinburgh---not sure how long they were there, but long enough for my Dad to propose to Janet Stirling, then 19, and she came out to Melbourne by ship of course, and Dad together with  his sister Janet (to make sure no hanky-panky took place!!went by train to meet the ship, and then on to the Stirling enclave of Winchelsea to meet all the relatives and then across the Ottway Range to,Lorne by stage coach----they were married on June 16th, 1920, at St Stephens, Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba and had the reception at T.K.Lambs , which seemed to be the most important Café in Toowoomba. I can still remember as a small boy of perhaps ten, going to Toowoomba by car with my parents, and always going there for morning tea---but not before I was wiped down with an awful smelly washer, I presume to get road grime off before going there!!
I am jumping ahead—they lived at a house that was called “Garleton” after the same named hills near Edinburgh, and it was about 500 metres due north of “Gunbower” ( later it was sold for removal to Bill Fitzgerald at Yandilla.

Mac was born exactly 9 months later in Pittsworth, but Mum did not see the doctor till she went to the hospital to have him---I remember Dad telling me that after doing a normal day’s work at “Gunbower”, he would ride his horse in the 10 miles to Pittsworth to see his wife and son, and then ride home afterwards---in the dark both ways.
Lance Corporal