Courtesy Anne Doburn

William Stirling (1806-1865) and Janet Johnston (1815-1904) were married in Glasgow on 20 July 1840.

William’s older brother James Stirling and his wife Ann (Fergie) and seven children had arrived at Port Phillip on 26 January 1842 on the vessel Robert Benn (809 tons):
James Stirling 39 Kitchen/Gardener Stirlingshire
Ann Stirling 38 Housekeeper Stirlingshire
William Stirling 15 Son Stirlingshire
Peter Stirling 13 Son Stirlingshire
Thomas Stirling 6 Son Stirlingshire
Elizabeth Stirling 9 Daughter Stirlingshire
Margaret Stirling 1 ¼ Daughter Stirlingshire
Unmarried Males
James Stirling 18 Labourer Glasgow
Unmarried Females
Anne Stirling 15 House servant Glasgow
Jane Stirling 19 House servant Glasgow

Janet (Johnston) Stirling and children* sailed on the Admiral Boxer (1150 tons) from Liverpool on 3 December 1856, arriving in Geelong on 9 March 1857. Janet’s mother Annie (Martin) Johnston came to Australia on the same ship as Janet and family.
When Janet arrived, the remarks against Janet’s name say “Gone with husband, William Stirling, Little Scotland” (Little Scotland was a small area in Geelong).

It is thought that William may have come on the same ship as crew (See Death Notice below of Mrs T Orchard who states that she came to Victoria with her parents Mr and Mrs William Stirling on the Admiral Boxer)

From there William, Janet, and family went to Winchelsea where William’s older brother James, Ann and family were well settled.
William and Janet’s family
*John b 27 April 1841
Anne (died young)
*Robert Johnston b 1844 (?)
William (died young)
*Elizabeth Wilson Johnston b 1849
Annie Martin b 1850
*Margaret Johnston b 1852
Jessie Johnston b 1854
*James Thomas b 1858 Winchelsea (the only one born in Australia)
Continuing with Janet (Johnston) Stirling – she must have been made of pretty tough stuff – “she grew vegetables on a large plot near the present Winchelsea bridge and gave her produce away to the needy” (from a book on Lorne).
The story in the family is that, as she grew older, she added 10 years to her age. Told everyone she was 99 years old, when she was 89 years!
James and Ann Stirling on Robert Benn
Robert Benn
William Stirling Birth Certificate
William Stirling Death Certificate
Gravestone of William (1806-1886) and Janet (1815-1904) Stirling
Death Certificate of Ann Johnston (1786 - 1862), Mother-in-law of William Stirling