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Rev. Thomas Kingsford, born in Portsmouth, England and a United Presbyterian Church Minister, arrived in Moreton Bay on board Dr. John Dunmore Lang's second migrant ship the "Chaseley" in 1849. He took up his first charge at Ipswich, but in 1851 was appointed first minister at Warwick.

In those early days, Thomas Kingsford tended to move his base from place to place - to Clifton Station (probably in 1851), back to Warwick, then to Toolburra while his house was being built at Warwick.

Rev. Kingsford and Parson B. Glennie of the Anglican Church, were two great pioneers who travelled the Downs and beyond. They travelled by horse and by foot when necessary. They counselled, encouraged, baptised, married and buried on their way through the countryside. Rev. Kingsford resigned the Warwick Charge because of ill health on 3rd January 1866. He was placed in the less onerous Charge of Allora and remained there until 1873 or l878. He died in Warwick on 2nd October 1882.