Stirling Family

Porter Family            
James (John) Stirling b c.1740
James Porter (1778 - 1849)            
William Stirling (1806 - 1865) and Janet Stirling (1815-1904)
James (1813 - 1859) and Ann Porter        
William Stirling (1827-1887) Nephew of William Stirling (1806-1865) Alexander Elgin Porter (1839 - 1921) and Jane Auld Porter (1844-1911)
James Thomas Stirling (1858-1922) and Annie Stirling (1865-1954) James Porter (1835-1912) Brother of Alexander Elgin Porter
  James Porter (1835 - 1912) and Alexander (Sandy) Porter (1839 - 1929) news clips  
  Davidson Family    
Children of James and Annie Stiriing:
William and Margaret Davidson (Genghis Khan)        
Violet Jane Stirling (1886-1964)          
Janet Annie Stirling (1887-1962)          
Mary Stirling (1889-1971) The Highlands and Islands Emigration Society        
William Lorne Stirling (1893-1952)          
Thomas James Stirling (1895-1942) Scottish documents courtesy Sheena        
Florence Edith Faith Stirling (1898-1903) Porter records courtesy Christine        
Archie Elgin Victor Stirling (1903-1974) Winchelsea records courtesy Anne        
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Kincora and District

Stirling family photos North Branch
North Branch Reunion September 2014 Gunbower and district

Family Tree

Family tree January 2021

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Weddings Winchelsea Cemetery        
Weddings of children of James and Annie Stirling North Branch Cemetery        
Weddings of grandchildren of James and Annie Stirling        
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Laird of Gunbower by A.H Smith WWII Family Photos        
On Joining the Army by Vic Stirling Mac Stirling KIA 1944