Photos, Documents and Newspaper Clippings

Rev Thomas(1801-1882) and Elizabeth Kingsford
Smith Early History (courtesy Gwen Beck)
Charles (1836-1897) and Elvena Smith Descendants of Daniel Smith (grandfather of Charles) (courtesy Gwen Beck)
  Descendants of Charles Smith (1836-1897) (courtesy Gwen Beck)
Charles (1824-1908) and Mary Clark (courtesy Joyce)  
John (1771-1848) and Mary Noakes  
James (1805-1852) and Mary Ann Noakes  

George (1848-1917) and Margaret Noakes

Smith family tree

Noakes and the sugar industry

Family tree January 2021


Alfred and Mary Ann Smith Migrant Ships
  Chaseley information (courtesy Joyce)
G K Smith Excerpt from Mary McConnel's Memoirs - Chaseley voyage (courtesy Cynthia)
K K Smith Montmorency sketch and information (courtesy Heather Noakes & Joyce)
Social Equestrian sketch and information (courtesy Heather Noakes)
AH and MA Smith family portraits and photos Weddings
Our Nana Weddings children of Alfred and Mary Ann Smith
Portraits (Freda, Isabel, Jean, Gordon, Betty, Cliff) Weddings grandchildren of Alfred and Mary Ann Smith
Betty Freda Dora and friends  
Freda and Elsie, bridesmaids to Hilda Noakes
Ethel and Freda  
Freda plays cricket  
Cricket team  
Smith Family Group Photos